Weight Lift Trainer - Build Muscle and Lose Fat..Online weight lifting and workout games..
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Weight Lift Trainer - Build Muscle and Lose Fat.


Play this fun online flash workout games.


Follow these interactive tutorials about exercise. Learn how to do Bench Press, Pull Ups, Leg Squats, Shoulder Press and Biceps Curls.


Do you have what it takes to finish the last set? Be a virtual online winner as well as a real life winner with these bodybuilding games about weight lifting and workout. Remember is all about the proper execution and breathing.

Online Exercise and Workout Games

Bench Press Online workout game - Build a bigger chest.
Pull ups online exercise game - back workout.
Shoulder bumbell workout game.
Squats online exercise game.

Bench Press Online Bodybuilding Game:


This exercise is great for building strength and volume to your chest. But make sure to follow and maintain the proper for to avoid getting injured. Also always have a spotter to assist you while performing this exercise.

Pull Ups Online Game:


Performing this exercise is a bigger and more defined back guaranteed, Also is easy to find a spot to do it. You can hang from a tree branch or at a playground in the park. A Great back builder, just follow this workout game.

Leg Squats Flash Game:


Need stronger legs? Squats are the answer. Doing this exercise requires perfect form, to avoid injuries in your knees and also to maximize your workout. This exercise will also help you to achieve a firmer butt.

Shoulder Dumbbell Press Workout Game:


Shoulders are sometimes overlooked and not worked out. Working out your shoulders will make you look stronger and tougher. Finish this tutorial flash game and see what result you can get.

Biceps exercise gym game.

Arms Exercise Workout Game:


Biceps are the symbol of strong. What men would not like to have bigger arms? But this workout is not only for men, also women can benefit from it. Get firmer more defined arms.