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There are many reasons for us to exercise. Most of us workout to look better, for health reasons or to perform better in sports. Sometimes it is hard to find time and get to the gym to exercise, we find ourselves making up excuses for not going to the gym or exercise (personal experience). We start neglecting our fitness training, taking one day off or two, then we realize we didn't workout all week!

This is why motivation is fundamental in our fitness training. Motivation is what is going to fuel your workouts. By been motivated you have less chances of giving up a workout day.

This are some suggestions to keep you motivated to workout and exercise:

- With every workout you improve your appearance.

- Every workout is a step closer to your fitness goal.

- There is nothing more important than your personal wellness.

- Find motivation and inspiration on workout magazines.

- Picture yourself looking good in that suit you always wanted to wear.

- By exercising you will boost your self-esteem.

- Exercise to impress that special someone.

Motivation: The fuel for your workouts.